Choosing Safe Exercise While Pregnant

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Many women who find out they are pregnant meet the news with joy, then anxiety, and then questions. One of the top questions on the list is what kind of exercising is safe for them to do while they are pregnant.

One of the most recommended forms of exercise for pregnant women is swimming. In swimming, all of the impact or weight put on the muscles is relieved, but all of the muscles can get a complete workout.

In addition, swimming can get your heart beating strongly and it will grow stronger as you continue to exercise. The benefits you can receive from swimming and other exercises are absolutely endless.

For example, in the first trimester you are probably dealing with mood swings. Exercise can help even out these mood swings and improve your mood altogether.

In addition, the strength you gain from exercising can help make your labor go smoother and easier. There are many other benefits that you can enjoy as well.

However, you should consult with your doctor before you exercise as a combination of certain conditions could make any form of exercise a risk to your baby. Your doctor will also be able to recommend certain kinds of exercises that would be best for you.

If you feel poorly at any point, you should stop exercising and contact your doctor. Your doctor should be able to recommend whether or not you should continue exercising in the future.

One of the activities that many pregnant women enjoy doing is bowling. This activity can become difficult when your joints loosen up in the future.

However, this should not cause you to injure yourself when you are bowling. However, in your third trimester you will have the heavy weight of your stomach pulling on your back and you do not want the heavy weight of the bowling ball pulling on your back as well.

You will need to learn how to carry the ball carefully. Be sure to pick it up by bending your knees rather than bending over.

Another activity that some women wonder about is horseback riding. Horseback riding can be a very relaxing activity for an expecting mother.

The bond between man and horse is a very special one. Doctors have very different opinions on whether or not horseback riding is safe.

Most doctors say horseback riding is something you should not do at all. Meanwhile, others say that horseback riding is something you can do up to 12 weeks and then not at all after that.

At 12 weeks the baby has moved above the pelvic girdle and has not protection. Should you fall or get kicked, your baby could be killed.

If you are an experienced horseback rider you know that horses can get spooked and freak out at a variety of different things. If you are not an experienced rider, then you should not ride at all when pregnant.

Another activity that is safe to participate in is biking as long as you bike on a stationary bike. Later on, biking on a mobile bike could result in accidents that would cause damage to the baby similar to horseback riding.

However, stationary bicycling is quite safe and relatively comfortable. You can work out from the comfort of your own home as well.

In addition, the stationary bike allows its rider to read, listen to music or watch television while you exercise. With these many different options for entertainment it is much less likely that you get bored.

There are varying opinions on whether your heart rate should not go above a certain point or not while pregnant. Most studies agree that it is best to not workout so hard that you heart beat goes above 140.

However, most doctors say that is does not really matter whether you watch your heart rate or not. The reason the studies say 140 is the maximum number is that when your heart rate goes faster than this, it is difficult for your body to push blood to the baby in between beats.

In addition, the blood is not as well oxygenated and there is less of it. You should also be aware of your temperature during your pregnancy.

Your temperature should not rise above 103 degrees at any time during the first four to six weeks of pregnancy. High temperatures could cause birth defects if you are not careful during this point.

In addition, high temperatures and dehydration can result in premature labor later on in your pregnancy. While pregnant, you should only exercise moderately.
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Choosing Safe Exercise While Pregnant

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