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Desire to progress the intensity should not affect the correctness of the exercises. Each additional repetition and each projectile weight gain should work "honestly" only if your weight would grow with the load. Proper technique means very, very much. And what is the correct technique? There are many different opinions on this matter. Personally, I do not recommend during the repetition count seconds: that stolkoto seconds to hoist stolkoto on lowering. This will distract you from the principal to fulfill the maximum possible number of matches under your "working" set. But repeating ourselves, we can assume without losing focus. When you get used to the drill, you'll be scoring repetition unconsciously, without even noticing. And this calculation, of course, necessary because it will help you at all times to keep in mind the ultimate goal and strive tirelessly for her.

New School Training

The first few reps per set are fairly easy, so there's no need to operate at full power. If too much "try" at this stage, the bar will take off too fast, and this can lead to injury. But in the end you have to set "flat out" and the really carefully to make sure that there was no cheating. Rod should move measurably not 'drop' it! Never mind that by the end set the speed of its movement can become noticeably slower.

Between repetitions should pause. Initially, this pause is very short for example, one second. Then it will be lengthened, because by the end of sets you will need to translate the spirit before each new iteration. At various stages of training and exercises in individual pause between repetitions can be increased significantly.

By the end of the set, carefully following the desired number of repetitions you can afford odnodva extra repetitions with cheating, but only in certain exercises. For example, if squat and deadlift cheating avoid like the plague.

If you have an experienced partner who can do these exercises, forced repetition. Performing bench presses, you can make a last repetition of cheating, slightly prognuv back, if the waist you have everything in order. If the spin can let you down, make the forced repetition with a partner. However, the forced reps do not get carried away: at the peak of the cycle is quite enough in the final odnogodvuh Sete each exercise (and no more than once a week).

While it was a standard style exercises. But you can carry them a little differently, for example, to slow down. Some follow the rule of "two seconds lifting, four on the sinking, and koekto general considers it only right pace. Sometimes used at a slower pace (ultraslow, see Chapter 13), when each repetition takes no less than fifteen seconds. Change of pace can make to your workout variety. But we should not abuse the experiments, otherwise you will never have time to understand what a better way. Within a single training cycle is desirable to perform the same exercises at the same pace, and the next cycle can be slightly different.

Productivity training is determined by a set of factors. It is necessary to neglect one of them, and the effectiveness of the training will fall. Progress loads in bodybuilding is more important than anything else, but only under the proper technique and taking into account all the other requirements.
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Correct Technique Of Bodybuilding

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