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Lots of people have discovered exercise to grow taller really does work. Correct exercise is one of the most effective ways a person can grow a few inches taller, and the younger you are the easier it will be. Indeed, if you are still an adolescent then exercise can almost guarantee you a height increase. If you decide that exercise is for you then you will need to follow these steps to make sure you get the best out of it.

Make sure you are medically and physically able to engage in strenuous exercise, go visit your doctor if in doubt.
Make sure you are eating a balanced diet, you can't grow if you feed your body rubbish.
Make sure you are getting sufficient deep sleep. You need it least eight hours uninterrupted quality sleep per night.

You need to exercise regularly, once or twice per week isn't going to be enough. And your exercise needs to be very strenuous, it doesn't have to last very long, but it's intensity needs to be high. It's only through high intensity exercise that your body will produce more growth hormone, 'soft' exercise will not have the same effect and you will be wasting your time. It is also a good idea to start your exercises with stretching. This has a few benefits, like loosening up your joints, sending more blood around your body and providing a warm up too.

As to what exercises you should do, there are lots to choose from. You will get the best results from an anaerobic exercise like weight lifting. Choose a core powerlifting movement, like squat or deadlift. This type of resistance training has the added benefit of building strength and muscle, and having a stronger torso will help to support your spine.
If you don't feel like hitting the weights, you could also go for a run. But make it a very fast sprint, maybe 100m or 200m. Your whole exercise session needn't be any longer that 15-20 minutes.

Exercising is just one part of a successful grow taller plan, there are lots of further techniques you can use to push your body into growing taller.

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Exercise to Grow Taller

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This article was published on 2010/03/30