Grow Taller Ankle Weights - 2 Powerful Exercises That Will Boost Your Height By 2 Inches

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Grow Taller Ankle Weights

Many people realize that when they increase their height they will also increase their self confidence and physical attraction. There are quite a few drugs and devices a person can use to grow taller but most people rather utilize more natural methods.

Learning how to grow taller with exercise will give you the ability to increase the production of your growth hormone naturally. Exercises designed to increase your height will strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture, and release growth hormones into your blood stream. One of the best exercises you can use to grow taller is an exercise known simply as hanging.

Gravity plays an important role in growing taller. It is gravity that compresses your spine and joints. Since your spine and joints are being compressed all day long it thins out the cartilage, which makes it hard for you to grow.

This hanging exercise is designed to go against gravity and stretch your spine. It can also increase your height by at least 2 inches if performed correctly. To perform this hanging exercise you will need a horizontal bar high enough so you can fully extend your body.

First you will need to grab a hold of the bar with your palms facing away from you. While your hanging you should try to keep your shoulders and arms as relaxed as possible. Now try to hang on the bar for at least 20 seconds and repeat the hanging process for about 3 times. To increase the effectiveness of this exercise you can wear ankle weights while hanging.

Another grow taller exercise you can perform to increase your height is known as the body inversion and it requires the use of an inversion table to perform it. The purpose of the body inversion is to use gravity to stretch the cartilage in both your knees and spine at the same time when you invert your body upside down. Grow Taller Ankle Weights

Inversion tables are not cheap but they have proven to be very effective in helping people increase their height. You should hang for about 10 minutes daily and you can do 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. To increase the effectiveness of this exercise you can add weights to your feet using inversion boots.

The twist is another exercise you can use to effectively increase your height. This grow taller exercise is designed to twist your spine in specific ways which will allow it to become a little bit more flexible. This twisting exercise is necessary because as time goes on your spine will grow more and more inflexible and keep you from reaching your full height potential.

To perform the twist you should stand in between a doorway and then use the frame of the doorway as a leverage to twist your spine around as much as you can. It is important to stretch both the upper and lower areas of your spine, especially your lower spine because it experiences the most compression.

When you learn how to grow taller with exercise you will realize how effectively you can increase your height without the use of drugs or devices. However, exercising alone is not the only thing you can do to grow taller. You should also compliment these exercises with the proper diet, which will help grow taller even faster.

Also, getting enough sleep is crucial when you're trying to increase your height. If you don't get enough sleeping time you'll find that it's harder to grow taller with or without exercises. This is because a lack of sleep results in poor spinal recovery and a poor posture, both will keep you from reaching your maximum height potential. Grow Taller Ankle Weights
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Grow Taller Ankle Weights - 2 Powerful Exercises That Will Boost Your Height By 2 Inches

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Grow Taller Ankle Weights - 2 Powerful Exercises That Will Boost Your Height By 2 Inches

This article was published on 2010/12/04