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Recently, at the Japan-US Sea of Japan is the largest military exercise in the history of a dramatic scene, when Japan and the U.S. Navy prepared to exercise this most important elements: the sea air, the Sea of Japan is really flying the two "enemy" -- Russian anti-submarine patrol aircraft Il -38, the two patrol aircraft "flagrant" in different directions across the US-Japan exercise airspace. Japanese media said that, Asics Shoes for security and confidentiality, Japan and the U.S. had to suspend the day's exercise.

Day, a time when Japan-US military exercises to prepare for 7 days, the most important -- an exercise in the sea air war. According to the plan, Japan and the U.S. Aegis destroyer will be an imaginary being played by the Japanese Air Self Defense Force fighter "enemy fighters" attacked and then respond to the Japan-US cooperative implementation of the "ship-to-air operations." Japan's Self-Defense Force warships participating, including "wonderful high number" of Aegis destroyers, and two U.S. Aegis destroyers. The three ships are equipped with sea-based anti-missile missiles -- SM3. 6-day live-fire exercise, though not launch, but it can also be related to the exercise, especially for ballistic missiles.

An anonymous defense ministry officials said the exercise 6 days a week exercise schedule, " Gucci Outlet the most important." The same day, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces chief of staff, integration of wood off a good person to the exercise area is also near the Air Self Defense Force base inspection. "This can obviously see the importance of exercise." Japanese media said.

But Russian military aircraft suddenly appeared, so that Japan and the U.S. had to suspend the day's important to exercise. Japanese media said Japan and the U.S. "ship-to-air" exercise will use radar, such as exercise, without interruption, may be Russia, Japan and the U.S. radar machine learn some important information, allowing Russia to find a system or interfere with the Japan-US anti-radar approach.

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Military Exercises And Asics Shoes

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This article was published on 2010/12/09