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If you have MS, exercise should be an important part of your daily program and there are a number of different exercises that have been shown to be excellent for people with multiple sclerosis. Choosing an exercise should be based on your personal fitness level, the progression of your disease, and doctor recommendations.

 Exercise is not only possible but advisable, not only will exercise not make your multiple sclerosis worse it can actually improve your health and help you stay mobile much longer than without exercising.  There is no single exercise that could be called an MS exercise, what you can do will greatly depend on what you are capable of, including running, cycling, or rowing if your balance and flexibility is good enough.

There have however been some studies done on the Yoga and how helpful it can be as an MS exercise. Since yoga is about stretching muscles and balance it seems to be tailored made for those with multiple sclerosis, since muscle spasticity and balance are problems for most people with this disease.  Another exercise similar to yoga is tai chi, which requires slow, controlled and deliberate movements making it another excellent exercise to strengthen muscles and relieve stress.

Many people think that if you have MS, exercise such as running or cycling would not be possible and for those that have balance problems this may be true. If you can run though you should, because aerobic exercise will provide many benefits, from working all the different muscle groups to exercising your arms, legs, and heart. If you are unable to run consider walking or riding a stationary or recumbent bike. If you are concerned about balance as you walk then try to recruit a partner and you can help them get healthy too as a side benefit.

Strength exercises can play an important part in your exercise program as well, they can help to prevent some of the weakness that is a part of MS. Exercise carefully and slowly though, because weight lifting can cause injury to weak muscles and if you have trembling or spasms, elastic bands have proved useful in place of weights.

Exercise that is carefully planned  can help to ease the symptoms of your MS, and can help you keep your mobility and as a side benefit exercise is also said to be good for depression.

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MS Exercise - Best Exercises For Multiple Sclerosis

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This article was published on 2010/04/22