Never stop doing Running

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Whichever exercise it is, exercise must be suitable for people absolutely. For people's health, no matter when people start doing exercise, it is good for them a lot, to tell the truth, if people have lots of time, they could do a lot; if not, they can do a little, as long as they want to move more or less, it does good to them, though it is only one motion. Exercise should be in line with one's conditions and get improved little by little, when people begin doing exercise, they ought to avoid doing violent exercise, who have to improve the amount of exercise slowly later, which is not that only exercising a bit can deal with the question, to measure one's exercise is over or not, apart from knowing it by heart rate, people can learn about it though the method of talking, if people breathe so deeply that they are not able to speak when they are running, the exercise has been over then.

Whatever kind of sport people do, especially to the olds, suits systemic sport from keeping fit, such as swimming, running and walking, these are better methods of making people healthier effectively, so is gymnastics. However, it will always get a definite level, there is a statement of three and seven, three means to make every exercise time over half an hour, if the time is less than 30 minutes and more than 20 minutes, the intensity can not be too much, it only use a few blood sugars, so it can not help people loose weight or expend much fat which has accumulated in body for ages. People must avoid participating in exercising when they eat more, whose reason is that after people finish eating their blood sugars enter into the stomach to help digest totally.

A study report of Chicago university indicates that the role of biological clock of body to the response to exercise is more important, compared to what people thought in the past, which finally will impact one's habit of doing morning exercise. They have done research on the reaction of body to exercise of forty men in one day's different time whose ages are from 30-year-old to 40-year-old, its result indicates that the response of hormone which is pivotal in body metabolism is intensest among night. Research workers in Chicago university show that some hormones in having to do with fat metabolism and muscles restoring are rising quickly. They give an example that the result of blood testing of doing exercise of high strength on treadmill for an hour indicates that the level of hormone is equal to that of having a rest abed at the same time, but after doing exercise from seven o'clock of night to two o'clock before dawn, the hormone would increase much more than common time, which suggests that hormone's reaction to exercise in different time is controlled by biological clock or physiological rhythm. Researchers tell that at present doing a conclusion that the time to do exercise is better than that time is not right, and what we are surprised at is that hormone's response on exercise has to do with the time.

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Never stop doing Running

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Never stop doing Running

This article was published on 2012/03/07