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What is Reflexology?

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For those who consider reflexology merely a pleasant foot massage, you may be in for a surprise. Reflexology is the gentle manipulation of pressure points to clear pathways for energy to flow. The increased energy then enlivens the body, helping it to heal itself.

Unlike chiropractic and acupuncture reflexology employs a natural process to aid the body. Specific areas of the foot believed to be associated with various glands, organs and limbsare manipulated to help the body correct itself. Reflexologists learn about the body’s complicated response system. Based on this knowledge they press stimulus points on the feet which produce responses in organs and body regions. Reflexology is based almost solely on autonomic responses.

How does Reflexology differ from Massage Therapy?

In simple terms, reflexology confines manipulation to the feet and hands. Massage therapists work to ease tight muscles in all parts of the body. Massage therapy works on the connection between muscles and the nervous system. Reflexology works on a believed link between points on hands and feet to clear energy pathways to organs and other body parts. Massage works directly on the muscles and nerves where reflexology stimulates a response from tissue at a distance from the manipulated point. Reflexology aims to improve the functioning of organs, glands and body systems such as: circulatory, digestive, and respiratory whereas massage is concerned with improving the function of body tissue. Reflexologists touch only hands and feet while massage therapists work all over the body.


What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexologists work on the premise that ¾ of all human illnesses are caused by stress. Their aim is to reduce stress and produce deep relaxation. Reflexologists learn to ease tension and clear blocked passageways to over fourteen thousand nerves. Through reflexology, the cardiovascular system can more efficiently allow blood to flow through the system. In this way it also improves the conduction of vitamins, minerals and food nutrients throughout the body and wastes to be removed. Reflexology aims to balance the body’s entire system.

People who undergo reflexology report having more energy, feeling more “centered” and having fewer illnesses. They also claim they recover from such ailments as colds and flu faster. Clients who regularly undergo reflexology regularly insist that they are more focused and alert and are able to relax more quickly and more deeply.

How Do I Get Started?

Little is required to get started benefitting from reflexology. Regardless of your fitness level or health status, reflexology is an option for you. You need only book an appointment with a good, licensed reflexologist and give it a try! Like the thousands of others in the Pittsburg area, you too can realize the benefits of feeling less stressed, healthier, more energized and more focused because of reflexology treatments.  Many reflexologists offer reduced or complementary first-time treatments so you can discover for yourself, the therapeutic benefits of reflexology. When you are exploring the benefits of reflexology in Pittsburg, a good place to start is:

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This article explores the benefits of reflexology. It investigates the reflexology facilities available in Pittsburg. A good place to start is:

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Reflexology in Pittsburg

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Reflexology in Pittsburg

This article was published on 2012/02/05