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Everybody is dreaming of getting the perfect abs. Most of us get jealous on how those buff and sexy models look. If you have ever taken into consideration losing a few pounds, something inside you will tell you that it is a very hard process. But with presence of mind and determination, losing weight and getting those six packs will not be that difficult. You first have to know your goals and find ways on how to achieve them. Do not forget to make them simple and realistic.


Dashboard abs does not take just one night to develop, they take time. Just because they want their abdominal muscles to pop, many people will resort to intensive routines just to reach their objective. Sadly, sometimes exercising is not enough. We need to get rid of belly fat and in order for that to happen. We need to stay in a healthy diet and perform the best ab exercises. Here, we have listed some of the most effective ab exercises in order for us to help you in achieving your dreams. 


1. Bicycle workout is one of the best exercises to help you lose weight. Research says that it has been proven that bicycle exercise is the best way for you to develop abs because it targets your muscles specially the abdominis and obliques. This exercise will not only help you in developing the best abs ever but it will also keep your heart healthy thus, preventing lifestyle related ailments.


2. The captain's chair leg raise is also another form of exercise that will really help you lose weight. Just like the bicycle workout, it also hits the rectus abdominis and the obliques which are found on your abdomen. You can do various kinds of exercises using the captain's chair. A captain’s chair is a rack with padded arms which allows your legs to hang freely. The secret in maximizing this type of ab exercise is to prevent your legs from swinging and use your force in bringing your legs up.


3. Vertical Leg Crunch is another effective way for you to get amazing abs and will help you lose weight too. Just like the ab exercises above, this also targets your rectus abdominis and obliques.


4 .Exercise Ball Crunch is a very effective way to lose unwanted weight and a very good ab exercise because your ab muscles are required to work intensively.


5.  Stomach vacuum is a very easy ab exercise and this will help tighten your abdominal muscles in just a short period of time. How to do it? Simple. Just suck in your tummy in and try to suck it for as long as you can. The best thing about this ab exercise is that you could do it anytime, anywhere.


Lastly, condition and motivate your self if you really want to lose weight and develop abs. You have to sacrifice your time and sacrifice eating your favourite junk food if you want to achieve your goals. Remember, determination and perseverance will always be the key to weight loss.  

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This article was published on 2011/10/04