Top 10 Tips On How To Lose Leg Fat.

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If you are looking at ways to subdue overall bodyweight or just to lose leg fat you have to put together an exercise program that will achieve your objective. Exercises can be targeted at the lower body only which will result in you being able to lose leg fat and give you that toned look.

Be guided by the points below to help you lose leg fat.

1 – Running
This can be carried out on the treadmill or outside which makes it an exercise that any person can do. The constant movement of the legs helps to burn off addition fat at a faster rate, but the key is to make it as tough as you can cope with. Alter the inclination on the treadmill or find some hills to run up, as this will build the intensity or if you struggling with time, allows for a shorter, more effective workout.

2 – Cycling
Another distinguished way to lose leg fat and again can be done at a standstill on an exercise bike or outdoors on a mountain or road bike. Cycling is frequently thought to be the best cardio performance for losing body fat and if done perfectly you should be burning off up to 600 calories per hour.

3 – Stair Climbing
This one is free, there’s always stairs to be climbed, so try to get into the frame of mind of always using them alternately of the lift. If you use them purely for a workout, try climbing as fast as you can, recovering on the way down, then duplicating the exercise.

4 – Squats
This is a very self-explanatory, but effective exercise that will tone up your thigh muscles. It will also help to support the legs and get rid of excess fat in the calf and thighs.

5 – Lunges
You can alternate your lunges from leg to leg, then concentrate on 1 at a time in sets of 10. This will give you the all-important fatigue levels for the exercise to work best. Isolating each leg needs to be done stationary, but alternate lunges can be attained by walking in a lunge position up and down a room.

6 – Thighs

If you are concentrating on your legs, then thigh exercises should be added to your method. These can consist of inner thigh lifts, thigh kicks and side lunges.

7 – Star Jumps

This exercise also works the thighs, as well as the rest of the legs and it’s an exceptional warm up exercise, but can be done more completely by growing the speed or moving round a room whilst star jumping.

8 – Interval Training

Once you feel adequate with cardio work, why not test yourself with some Interval Training. This is where you pick a cardio exercise such as running or cycling or swimming, perform flat out for a set, short period of time, recover, then go again. Try this 5 to 10 times and you will lose leg fat at a rapid rate as your metabolism increases and burns the calories.

9 – Exercise Effectively

Make sure you act each exercise in the precise way, so that the muscle you’re trying to isolate is worked suitably. If you cheat it will take longer and be less effective, so work at it, get sweating, it should be hard and make you breathless, otherwise what’s the point. It’s not how long you work out, but how much effort you put into it.

10 – Diet

Eat the right foods and the exercising will result in better and quicker results. The simple rule is to burn off more calories than you consume, then you will see the results you’re after. Also make sure you drink loads of water throughout the day, not just during the workout, as staying hydrated helps you to consume more calories as it works on the fat, even after the exercise is finished.

Try and make your exercising and eating habits part of your daily routine for the future, then you stand the best chance of staying in shape for years to come.

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Top 10 Tips On How To Lose Leg Fat.

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This article was published on 2010/10/05